September 2015

Considering the Current Political Landscape of Social Security, What Should You Be Thinking About?

social security disability insurance September 23rd, 2015

So far in 2015, Social Security Disability Insurance has provided financial benefits to disabled workers and their dependents, helping more than 11 million Americans stay above the poverty line. SSDI aims to give temporary relief for people who cannot work or find work because of a disability, paying out $141 billion in 2014 through the government’s trust fund….

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Does My Medical Condition Qualify Me for Social Security Disability Benefits?

qualifying for social security disability benefits September 9th, 2015

Social Security Disability benefits provide you with a way to have a steady source of income to cover living expenses when you are unable to work. Keep in mind that not every medical impairment is considered a qualifying condition for these benefits. Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits depends on your condition, its severity, and the impact…

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