October 2015

What to Do as You Wait for a Decision on Your Social Security Disability Status

Social Security Disability status October 21st, 2015

A determination of disability does not come easily for some people, and waiting on Social Security Disability benefits can extend the struggle even longer. If you have endured surgical procedures, long recovery periods, rigorous physical therapy, and extensive diagnostic testing, finding relief must be your top priority. While you wait for an answer about your Social Security…

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4 Defense Strategies You Have to Combat to Win a Personal Injury Lawsuit

personal injury attorney in Arkansas October 20th, 2015

What can hurt your personal injury case? Accidents or injuries resulting from negligence of another party—such as a driver, healthcare provider, property owner, or your employer—can cause permanent damages to your health and financial stability. These incidents give you the right to file a personal injury claim and hire a personal injury attorney in Arkansas…

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A Simplified Guide to the Social Security Disability Application Process

Social Security Disability application process October 7th, 2015

How do you apply for disability in Arkansas?How do you apply for social security disability benefits in Arkansas? To receive Social Security Disability benefits, you must first complete a Social Security Disability application packet to determine your eligibility. You need to file as soon as you become disabled or unable to work, as the evaluation…

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