March 2016

4 Common Personal Injury Claims That Call for a Lawsuit (With Illustrations)

common personal injury claims March 25th, 2016

What Types of Injuries Need a Lawsuit? While accidents happen, certain personal injuries may call for legal action. A personal injury lawyer in Arkansas can negotiate a fair settlement, or file a lawsuit on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve. Before you file a lawsuit, review the following common personal injury claims to get…

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Our Guide to Filing a Joint Bankruptcy Petition

filing a joint bankruptcy petition March 16th, 2016

When a married couple files one set of bankruptcy documents in bankruptcy court, this is referred to as a joint bankruptcy petition. All debts, expenses, income and property holdings owned by the couple, individually and collectively, must be disclosed when filing a joint bankruptcy petition. By filing bankruptcy jointly, a couple can erase their dischargeable debts without…

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