September 2020

When is the Right Time for a Car or Booster Seat?

Child in Carseat September 25th, 2020

Unfortunately, parenting does not come with a manual. This leaves parents with numerous questions for many different stages and areas of life. It can be scary to figure out how to keep your child free from harm. But fortunately, some things have been proven to protect our children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

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Top 6 Safety and Driving Features for Cars

young driver September 18th, 2020

Most of us would agree that the most important thing to look for in a car is that it’s safe. But while safety used to mean 3-point seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, and airbags, times have definitely changed. In recent years more and more safety features have been added, which have proved to be literally lifesaving. In…

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Do I Lose My Assets When I File for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Lawyers September 11th, 2020

Filing for bankruptcy is a tough decision with many things to consider. One thing that you may be wondering is what will happen to your assets when you file for bankruptcy. Will you lose them? What happens to your property when you’ve filed for bankruptcy is dependent upon what type of bankruptcy you’ve filed. If…

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