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Beware: Your Insurance Company May Employ These Tactics To Rip You Off

January 22nd, 2020 Auto Accidents
Insurance Settlement

We count on our insurance plans to help us out in the event of a car accident. And while they are certainly purchased for such a purpose, the true goal of your insurance company is to make money by minimizing – or outright denying – your claim. To do so, companies often use certain tricks. Here are the tactics that your insurance company may use against you when a claim has been filed.

They use what you say against you.

Your adjuster may make it seem as though you have an obligation to tell them the specifics of your accident. They will also ask for your permission to record your statement. Though you may feel pressured, you are under no obligation to grant such permission and do not need to share any of the details of what happened without your attorney present. Be careful not to say too much of anything. You adjuster may attempt to coerce you into admitting guilt or saying something that can be misconstrued and manipulated as such.

They assure you that you don’t need a lawyer.

Your adjuster may try to tell you that hiring an attorney is not in your best interest since you will have to share your settlement with them. However, it is important to remember that your adjuster is never on your side. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney can help you to better collect what you deserve since they are skilled and experienced negotiators.

They request your whole medical history.

It may seem fairly reasonable that your insurance company would ask for a copy of all of your medical records. However, this is not to help you. The real reason that your insurance company requests them is to discover a pre-existing condition that they can blame in order to deny or minimize your settlement.

They promise you money for your signature.

While signing a release may not seem that questionable in order to receive payment from your insurance company, once you sign such a document you are no longer able to recover for any new medical expenses. Since injuries often take days or weeks to show up, you may be shorting yourself out of money that you deserve.

They keep making excuses for not moving forward.

When you are trying to get answers from your insurance company but it keeps on ignoring you, this can also be a trick. Insurance companies will often tell you that your paperwork is processing or that there is something that they are waiting on before they can move forward with you. However, this is also a tactic for ignoring you and hoping that you will eventually go away.

They give you medical recommendations.  

Due to the fact that they are hoping to minimize your compensation, insurance companies will often tell you that medical treatments that you received were not necessary and that they, therefore, are under no obligation to pay. However, these decisions should be left to the doctor with the degree.

An Experienced Car Accident Attorney Can Help

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