Winning Cases: A Major Appeal Victory For Caddell Reynolds Workers’ Compensation Client

Matt Ketcham February 19th, 2021

Congratulations to our own Matt Ketcham for the victory in his appeal to the Arkansas Court of Appeals, effectively changing the law in Arkansas for the benefit of the hardworking people of our state. On behalf of his client, attorney Ketcham brought a workers’ compensation claim against the employer alleging that she sustained a compensable…

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Homestead Laws in Arkansas: What You Need to Know

stressed man February 5th, 2021

Homestead protection laws are designed to help struggling homeowners who seek bankruptcy protection avoid losing their residence by giving them the option to declare a portion of their property a “homestead.” These laws are in place to prevent homes from being forced into a sale to satisfy debt when the homeowner files bankruptcy, as long…

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Dealing with Insurance after a Hit and Run

Hit and Run Accident January 18th, 2021

No one expects to be in a hit and run accident. Unfortunately, one of the more complicated aspects after an accident is dealing with insurance companies. If you’re a victim of a hit and run accident, the lawyers at Caddell Reynolds are here to guide you on what to do before you make the call…

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Bill Reynolds Joins Good Day NWA to Discuss 2020 Holiday Toy Safety

Bill on Good Day NWA December 23rd, 2020

When you head out to purchase presents this holiday season, it’s essential to know the risks posed by certain toys that can be dangerous for kids. Many different product defects can occur, including design, manufacturing, and marketing defects in everyday items. With that being said, it’s necessary to understand what to avoid when buying toys…

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5 Tips for Safely Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

Semi Truck on Road December 22nd, 2020

Driving around semi-trucks is much different from sharing the road with standard-sized cars. Truck drivers are professionally trained, but those who drive alongside them need to take special care. Over 250,000 occur between passenger cars and 18-wheelers each year, with standard-sized vehicle drivers contributing to over 70% of the crashes. It could save your life…

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Common Injuries from a Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Sign December 17th, 2020

Each year, 800,000 people are hospitalized due to a fall injury. Slip and fall injuries can make it hard for a person to get around, do everyday activities, or live independently. So what are the most common types of slip and fall injuries? We’ll take a look at a few of them below. Types of…

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Being Tired Behind the Wheel: The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Drowsy Driving November 25th, 2020

Drowsy driving occurs when a person operating a vehicle is too fatigued to remain alert. As a result, the driver may have reduced vigilance, slow reaction times, and impaired thinking. According to the U. S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving is related to at least 100,000 motor-vehicle accidents. About 71,000 drowsy-related car accidents…

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Common Mistakes People Make When Filing for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Denial November 13th, 2020

Over half of all first-round Social Security disability claims are denied. In many cases, benefits are denied because of mistakes during the application process. Here are some of the most common and biggest mistakes individuals tend to make while filing for Social Security disability: Claiming Too Early SSD benefits are permanently reduced if you start…

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Can You File for Bankruptcy More than Once?

bankruptcy papers October 30th, 2020

Choosing to file for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. So when you find yourself in a similar position again, it begs the question of whether or not you can file for bankruptcy more than once. The good news is yes, you can. You are not limited to the number of times that you can…

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Bill Reynolds Discusses Emergency Preparedness on Good Day NWA

Bill Reynolds at Good Day NWA October 21st, 2020

With so much uncertainty right now with COVID-19, and even just preparing for the new year, it is important for individuals and families to be prepared for an emergency, no matter the size. From a flat tire to an accident, there are many emergencies that can occur while driving. And, at home, we should all…

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When is the Right Time for a Car or Booster Seat?

Child in Carseat September 25th, 2020

Unfortunately, parenting does not come with a manual. This leaves parents with numerous questions for many different stages and areas of life. It can be scary to figure out how to keep your child free from harm. But fortunately, some things have been proven to protect our children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

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Top 6 Safety and Driving Features for Cars

young driver September 18th, 2020

Most of us would agree that the most important thing to look for in a car is that it’s safe. But while safety used to mean 3-point seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, and airbags, times have definitely changed. In recent years more and more safety features have been added, which have proved to be literally lifesaving. In…

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