Social Security Disability Fund to Last 20 Years Longer than Once Predicted

May 10th, 2019

Even though a previous estimate suggested the program’s trust fund would run out far earlier, a newer report claims Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is expected to remain solvent longer than once predicted. An article detailing the findings contained in the report appears here. In the latest summary released by the Social Security Administration (SSA),…

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John Gore Discusses Distracted Driving on Good Day NWA

May 2nd, 2019

Every day in the U.S., nine people die—and 100 more are injured—in crashes caused by distracted driving. The National Safety Council (NSC) has declared April Distracted Driving Awareness Month. To help highlight the danger, attorney John Gore of Caddell Reynolds recently visited Good Day NWA to share his insights—as well as tips for greater safety behind…

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Arkansas State Police Warn of Distracted Driving Risk

April 24th, 2019

As distracted driving remains a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents throughout the country, the Arkansas State Police urges motorists to put down their phones while driving. An article detailing their awareness and enforcement efforts is available here. The Highway Safety Office—a division of the Arkansas State Police—has joined forces with other law-enforcement agencies across…

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John Gore Discusses Brain Injuries on Good Day NWA

April 5th, 2019

According to statistics, 12 million individuals in the U.S. live with the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). TBI can cause lifelong disability affecting the victim, their loved ones, and caregivers. With this in mind, attorney John Gore of Caddell Reynolds visited Good Day NWA in recognition of March as Brain Injury Awareness Month….

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Arkansas State Senator Introduces Distracted Driving Bill

April 3rd, 2019

Senator Blake Johnson of Corning recently introduced a bill to help clarify laws against distracted driving in Arkansas. An article on this measure is available here. Senator Johnson indicates he has seen a marked increase in incidents of distracted driving in Arkansas. With this in mind, he examined how existing state laws align with definitions…

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SSA Reviews Social Media for Signs of Fraud

March 25th, 2019

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and Social Security Administration (SSA) commonly examine social media accounts to determine if recipients are fraudulently claiming Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. An article detailing their review process appears here. Those receiving SSDI benefits—or with claims under review—must be careful with information shared on Instagram, Facebook, or…

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Increasing Awareness of Distracted Driving

March 18th, 2019

Every day, vehicle collisions caused by distracted driving kill at least nine Americans—and injure 100 more. That is why the National Safety Council (NSC) has declared next month, April, as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Distracted Driving Awareness Month provides an opportunity for us to recognize the dangers of—and eliminate preventable deaths caused by—distracted driving and…

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Tony Pirani Discusses Sharing the Roads on Good Day NWA

March 1st, 2019

With spring weather coming, more Arkansas residents will be taking to the roads. That means drivers must share the road with bicycle and motorcycles—as well as passenger cars and tractor trailers. With this in mind, attorney Tony Pirani of Caddell Reynolds visited Good Day NWA to discuss how drivers can remain vigilant. A video clip…

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University Students Focus on Pedestrian Safety

February 26th, 2019

Student government leaders at the University of Arkansas met recently to discuss safety measures aimed to reduce the high number of pedestrian accidents on campus. An article on that discussion is available for review here. Police at the University of Arkansas say 36 pedestrians have been hit by cars since 2014—including a freshman student who…

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Tony Pirani to Address Defense Lawyers’ Association

February 15th, 2019

Tony Pirani of Caddell Reynolds has been invited to talk about the current legislative session by the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (AACDL) at the organization’s Spring Meeting and CLE at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing in Branson, Missouri. About the Program The AACDL is the Arkansas state affiliate of the National Association of…

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Bill Reynolds to Speak at Continuing Education Program

February 1st, 2019

Bill Reynolds of Caddell Reynolds Law Firm has recently been honored with an invitation from the Fort Smith chapter of the Arkansas Mental Health Counselors Association (WCArMHCA) to speak at a Continuing Education (CE) forum. The program—entitled Privilege Communication & Ethics: What Those Working in the Healthcare System Need to Know—will take place on February 12th…

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Bill Horton Invited to Moderate Legal Education Panel

January 28th, 2019

Bill Horton of Caddell Reynolds has recently been honored with an invitation to moderate a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) forum. The program—entitled The Judges Speak: Civil Court Litigation Do’s and Don’ts will take place in Bentonville, Arkansas on April 12th at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel. CLE programs provide credit to practicing attorneys to…

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