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Caddell Reynolds Helps Make Bankruptcy Filings More Accessible During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 7th, 2020 Bankruptcy,Firm News
Lady Justice

Our attorney, Joel Hargis, having seen a critical hurdle in the filing process, worked with Arkansas judges on a major change in the ruling which makes the bankruptcy filing process not only easier, but safer during the COVID-19 crisis.

After we made a plea on April 2, the courts released a statement on April 3 that the “wet signature” requirement would be temporarily suspended in the Bankruptcy Court of Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas.

“This marks a significant win for those most financially affected by the COVID-19 crisis,” said Attorney Joel Hargis.

To read the full statement, click here.

Now, for those that don’t have access to a printer or are not able to leave their home due to stay at home restrictions, the process can still be completed from the comfort of your home.

This suspension was also previously applied to all Oklahoma bankruptcy courts as well.

We understand the financial burden this pandemic has put on Arkansas and Oklahoma residents. If you’re concerned about filing bankruptcy completely from your home, we can help. We are wishing you and your loved ones both health and safety during this time.

Abbie Jackson is an amazing attorney and I highly recommend her and her team. She exceeded my expectations as I didn’t expect to find someone who genuinely cares about her clients and is also an exceptionally skilled attorney. Abbie supported and advised me through my Disability claim which was approved on the first attempt. Abby and her team was friendly, caring and accessible throughout the process. Thank you Abbie for all you did to make this difficult process easy and successful, you are the best.

Charles P