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If you have been charged with, or convicted of, a felony or misdemeanor your criminal record could potentially haunt you forever. If you would like to have an existing criminal record expunged or sealed, call 800-671-4100 right away. At Caddell Reynolds—a leading criminal defense firm in Arkansas—our skilled, experienced attorneys can provide the services needed to protect your name.


Under Arkansas law, some people arrested or convicted of crimes may be eligible to have criminal records expunged—also referred to as a “sealed” record. Sealing a criminal record does not eliminate or destroy that record. However, once a person has their criminal record sealed, the information it contains will be treated as confidential.

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“Prior criminal charges—no matter how minor—can place a mark on your record that could potentially haunt you forever.”


In Arkansas, there are different ways to expunge or seal a felony or misdemeanor record—including application under the Comprehensive Criminal Record Sealing Act of 2013. The Act is retroactive, so those convicted can apply under it—or those other statutes in place at the time of conviction.

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If need existing charges on your criminal record expunged, you need to make a strong case to clear your name and protect your rights. Call the experienced defense attorneys from Caddell Reynolds at 800-671-4100 immediately. Our team will review all the evidence and build the strongest possible case to clear your name.

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