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A typical injury case is a personal injury lawsuit and usually involves two parties, one of which is the plaintiff or injured party. The party that the lawsuit is brought against is the defendant. A defendant is often a corporation, business or an individual.

Caddell Reynolds will research more than one party and may involve multiple parties in a single lawsuit. Personal injury lawsuits are civil court proceedings rather than criminal suits. The injured party usually seeks remedies for their damages. Caddell Reynolds usually resolves these cases through litigation, but resolutions may occur out of court as well.

There are many types of personal injury claims that Caddell Reynolds can handle on your behalf. As your law firm, we will represent you with the highest level of integrity, experience, compassion, and strength. We will always have your back, and keep you informed of the status of your personal injury or wrongful death case.

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Jonesboro is a city in Craighead County, Arkansas, with a population of 71,551. It is home to the Arkansas State Red Wolves of Arkansas State University, and the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine’s A-State campus. Jonesboro is the fifth most populous city in the state and is the principal city in the Jonesboro Metropolitan Statistical area.

Jonesboro Legal Resources:

Arkansas Bar Association– The ArkBar represents its members’ interests, provides money-saving services, promotes the profession, and alerts members to the issues created by proposed legislation that affect their law practice.

Craighead County Clerk’s Office – The official bookkeeper for Craighead County serves as clerk for the county, quorum, and probate courts. The County Clerk, additionally, is the official voter registrar and issues marriage licenses.

Jonesboro Police Department – The City of Jonesboro’s Police Department strives to ensure that all citizens are served in a professional, ethical, and equitable manner.


The Evidence You Need to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit Claim in Arkansas


Accidents happen every day on the streets, at your workplace, and in medical treatment facilities. When accidents result in personal harm, hiring a personal injury law firm in Arkansas may be necessary to recover damages and the cost of your medical care. In order to file and win a personal injury claim, you need to have clear, thorough evidence that supports your case. For this reason, taking notes, gathering documentation, and utilizing witnesses is imperative.


If you are involved in any kind of auto accident that causes you injury, the best way to recover your losses is consulting with a personal injury law firm in Arkansas. Moreover, taking adequate notes that your attorney can use helps you make an effective claim for a personal injury lawsuit.

When an incident occurs, write down what you witness and take notes about your surroundings. Creating a story about what happened before and after an accident will help your attorney paint a clear picture about your experience in a complaint.

In addition to the notes you take surrounding the accident itself, you will also need to make note if you have any type of injury. Take photos of your physical injuries and undergo any tests or X-rays your doctor recommends. Keep a journal of aches, pains, or other serious concerns that you experience.

Determining your level of pain and suffering is important when it comes to seeking damages. Therefore, making notes of pain, discomfort, and side effects helps your doctor diagnose the true nature and seriousness of any injuries you sustained. This medical documentation is crucial to your case.


When you file a personal injury claim in Arkansas, you also need to provide evidence on your economic losses. For example, if you were unable to work because of your injuries and paid for medical treatment of your injury, your attorney needs to know. This evidence helps determine what your losses cost you and how much you can seek in damages. Over the many days and weeks after your accident, keep documented evidence of any losses you discuss with any entity surrounding your accident, injuries, and prognosis.


Often, other people can supply crucial pieces of evidence you need for your personal injury claim. These helpful individuals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • insurance representatives
  • medical personnel
  • insurance adjusters
  • accident witnesses
  • family members
  • co-workers or supervisors

Keep good records of who you and your attorney speak to and when. Note what the conversation was about, including any advice you were offered or things you were told. You may even discover other evidence you did not know existed from these individuals, which helps your Arkansas personal injury attorney validate your personal experience. The more evidence you can offer, the higher your chances of proving your personal injury lawsuit claim.


If you experience a traumatic neck, back, or brain injury, these cases require serious medical care. Utilizing a personal injury law firm in Arkansas helps you substantiate claims of lingering side effects that require continuing medical care and demand more legal compensation. Often, these types of injuries can be life changing and life threatening. Preserving and protecting evidence, such as the following, of the injury and the subsequent medical treatment is important:

  • test results
  • X-rays
  • torn or bloodied clothing
  • accident debris
  • photographs (of your injury and the scene of the accident)
  • police reports
  • eyewitness statements

With this evidence, your personal injury attorney can substantiate a personal injury claim for damages that helps you recover financially, emotionally, and physically from the damage caused by the accident.

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