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It is the job of insurance companies and the adjusters they hire to settle your accident and injury claim for the least amount of money. It is our job at Caddell Reynolds to settle your insurance claim for the most money. It’s that simple. We are your advocate and will go the distance to represent your best interests at all times. You deserve maximum compensation for your claim and should not have to face the insurance company alone. The harsh reality is that many insurance agents are paid bonuses to keep claims low and do not always have your best interest in mind.

Tractor trailer accidents occur daily in the United States. With so many trucks on the roads, working to transport goods throughout the country, drivers are pushed to maintain strict schedules and timelines. Often this alone can cause undue stress on truck drivers, which can lead to accidents.


The trucking accident lawyers at Caddell Reynolds understand that the driver may share liability with other parties, including the following:

  • Trucking companies – Drivers must follow the rules and regulations set forth by their employers. Companies may require them to drive too long without rest, put inexperienced drivers on long hauls before they are ready to handle them or even put trucks on the road with an imbalanced load or without proper maintenance.
  • Maintenance personnel – Improper inspections or rushed maintenance can cause serious problems, particularly when brakes or tires are involved. Whether the maintenance personnel works for the company or maintenance is performed by an outside shop, a truck accident attorney needs to know the facts to ensure everyone responsible for an accident is named in a suit.
  • Local, state and federal government – The true cause of a big vehicle accident may be an encounter with a sinkhole or other major road flaw that is the responsibility of local, state or even federal government. The attorneys at Caddell Reynolds have the skills and experience to pursue even these difficult cases.

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If you have been involved in a truck wreck in Oklahoma, the paperwork does not stop with a police report. You may need the services of an attorney who can do the investigative research needed to ensure you receive adequate and just compensation for the accident. When you hire an attorney, they build a case on your behalf while the trucking company’s attorneys work to find evidence against it. With the right Oklahoma truck accident lawyer on your side, you have have a better chance at receiving the financial help you deserve.

Little Rock Truck Accident Investigation and Reconstruction

After the truck accident, your attorney will begin the process of determining exactly what happened and why. A truck accident lawyer who is experienced in this field knows the many laws and regulations that truck drivers are required to follow. If the truck driver who caused your accident and injuries was not following those laws, there may be significant penalties for that driver.

Even when tractor-trailer drivers follow all laws, there are still risks just from the sheer size and weight of these vehicles. Your attorney will perform research on the driver, truck, and company in order to determine if there were problems or discrepancies that could have contributed to your accident. They can also go beyond police reports and doctor’s notes to reconstruct the accident. They will study the scene itself, weather conditions, witnesses, and more to fill in missing details.

Some of the information your attorney will collect includes:

  • Whether the driver had a valid commercial driver’s license
  • If the truck driver had past tickets or accidents
  • Whether the vehicle was over the weight or size limit
  • If there was any hazardous waste, and if proper regulations for it were followed
  • If the weather conditions had an impact on the truck driver’s capabilities
  • Whether witnesses saw anything not reported to the police
  • What activity the driver’s cellular phone records shows

The more information your Oklahoma truck accident lawyer collects, the easier it will be for them to present a strong case and help you receive proper compensation for your injuries. This is why years of experience pays off as a truck accident lawyer; you should hire an attorney with a demonstrated record of investigative expertise.

How Your Lawyer Collects Information

The black box that records data in most vehicles can be very helpful to any attorney investigating a truck wreck in Oklahoma caused by a tractor-trailer or big rig. The recorded data will provide details such as:

  • The exact location of the vehicle when the accident occurred
  • The speed of the truck’s engine at the time of the accident
  • Whether the brakes were used, and when they were applied

That information can be used to show whether the truck driver was at fault or somewhat negligent, which is one of the ways your attorney can prove your case against the driver.

In addition to the black box, truck drivers are required to keep detailed logs of the hours they drive, the hours they sleep, and the hours of down time they get in between.

If you have been involved in a truck wreck in Oklahoma, your attorney will ask for the logbook records of the truck driver who was involved in the accident with you. That can help the attorney determine if the truck driver was legally allowed to be driving at the time the accident took place.

Your attorney will also ask for other documentation from the trucking company, such as:

  • Work orders for the truck
  • Any repair orders or receipts
  • Maintenance logs to show the vehicle had been properly cared for
  • Inspection reports for the truck

Armed with that information, an Oklahoma truck accident lawyer can provide you with a strong defense and help you get the compensation you deserve from the truck driver and company that caused the accident.

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3 Things You MUST Know if You Are Involved in an 18-Wheeler Accident


What do you do in you are in a Tractor Trailer Accident?

Automobile accidents can lead to serious injury, legal expenses, and insurance costs. However, not all collision cases are handled the same way. Crashes involving an 18-wheeler often involve negligence on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company. Drivers of commercial motor vehicles including 18-wheelers are held to strict laws governing their maintenance, repair, and operation.

As such, these cases are treated very differently from those involving non-commercial vehicles. Even if the insurance companies deny you compensation, you may still have a valid claim depending on the condition of the opposing vehicle. An attorney experienced in supporting Arkansas 18-wheeler accident cases can get to the bottom of your case and secure rightful compensation. Many people involved in 18-wheeler accidents aren’t aware of the unique laws that can win your case. Here’s what you need to know:


New federal commercial motor vehicle laws restrict the number of consecutive hours truck drivers can operate an 18-wheeler. There are also strict limitations on food and beverage consumption, cargo, and other operating procedures in order to prevent severe accidents on the highway.

Including cargo, 18-wheelers can easily reach weights of 30 tons or more. The force of such an object colliding with a car one tenth of its mass can produce deadly results. A specialized Arkansas 18-wheeler accident attorney can verify whether the trucking company was compliant with the various laws and hold them accountable in the event of an accident.


Black boxes and GPS devices automatically activate in response to sudden changes in vehicle movement, such as rapid acceleration or sudden braking. Once activated, these gadgets automatically record crucial information about the truck, including:

  • Engine speed
  • Vehicle location
  • If and when application of the brake occurred

This data can help an accident attorney piece together the accident and prove your claim against a negligent 18-wheeler driver.


Federal motor carrier laws require truck drivers to have their 18-wheelers regularly inspected and retain this documentation. In Arkansas, 18-wheeler accident cases require the truck driver to provide recent inspection reports detailing the vehicle’s condition before and after the trip. Drivers must also retain copies of work and repair orders to verify the truck’s compliance with road safety standards. A qualified accident attorney can subpoena such documents to prove your personal injury case.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries or death due to truck driver negligence, you need to take action. Don’t wait to have your case evaluated. Federal regulations require drivers to retain vehicle inspection documentation only for a set period. After the expiration date, the trucking company can discard the documents, and you may no longer have a valid claim against them.

Contact the experienced Arkansas 18-wheeler accident attorneys at Nolan Caddell Reynolds or call 1-866-242-0452 to start the investigation for your case and get the compensation you deserve.