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Were You Harmed by a Defective or Recalled Prescription Drug?

Pharmaceutical companies develop prescription and over-the-counter drugs to treat a variety of ailments and diseases. Unfortunately, many of these drugs are fast-tracked through the system, without enough product development testing. This is a process that the FDA has approved, and drug manufacturers financially support because they can bring a drug to market faster, and begin to make money.

When a person experiences a severe adverse reaction from a defective prescription drug the results can be devastating. When multiple people experience the same adverse reaction, the matter is handled as a class action lawsuit or a mass tort lawsuit. Multiple people join together against a specific defendant with the same complaint. If the lawsuit is successful, all of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit will receive a portion of the settlement from the drug manufacturer.

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Understanding Drug Lawsuits

Experiencing an adverse reaction from a drug doesn’t always warrant a lawsuit or indicate wrongdoing on the part of the manufacturer. In some cases, the side effects an individual experiences are listed in the warning label and explained in advance by a doctor. However, a drug lawsuit may be warranted if:

  • The drug company lied about the safety of the drug
  • The drug company didn’t adequately investigate the drug’s safety
  • The drug company didn’t disclose certain risks or side effects

If you think you may have been harmed by a drug, contacting an attorney with experience in this area of law is the best way to determine whether you have a valid case. 

Major pharmaceutical companies around the world release medications to consumers before adequately testing them, often resulting in severe side effects. As a consumer, we trust pharmaceutical companies to develop medications that will help treat our medical conditions, not make them worse.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for monitoring all drugs on the market and recalling any bad drugs. Unfortunately, not all of the strict requirements imposed by the FDA are followed by manufactures before the release of prescription drugs and medical devices to the market.

At times, the FDA depends on manufacturers to provide evidence of product safety prior to allowing the product to be released to the public. This is a direct conflict of interest. Large pharmaceutical companies are notorious for putting profits over people and placing rushed products on the market that have not had enough testing done.

There are many dangerous drugs on the market today. Each year thousands of consumers file lawsuits against drug manufacturers, after experiencing severe and fatal injuries. Some of the drugs that have caused serious and fatal side effects include:

The list of bad drugs is extensive and can be found on the FDA website.

You need an experienced bad drug attorney on your side, to help fight back against these large pharmaceutical companies causing harm to consumers.

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