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Hospital errors are one of the leading causes of death. We don’t want to think about it, but hospital mistakes happen more than you know. They are a common occurrence in many medical facilities across the United States.

When hospital mistakes happen families of loved ones are so distraught about their loved one’s condition or death, they don’t even think that a mistake happened. Families are often left with questions about what happened.

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Hospital-Related Mistakes Statistics

A study performed by the Journal of Patient Safety indicated that over 400,000 people die in hospital-related mistakes each year. The most common forms of hospital negligence include:

  • Improper standards of care
  • Mishandling of medical records
  • Poor training
  • Hiring unqualified individuals
  • Injuries, infections or illnesses caused by a hospital visit
  • Anesthesia errors and medication errors

At Caddell Reynolds, we use our skill and experience to evaluate these complicated cases by thoroughly investigating the event and determining if negligence was involved. Our highly trained attorneys will work with medical experts, interview witnesses, review medical records, and access if the “standard level of care” was maintained during your loved one’s hospital stay.

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