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Receiving fair and just compensation is the goal when you have been in a car accident in Jonesboro, Fort Smith, Fayetteville or Rogers, Arkansas. With miles of freeways and back roads, an accident is certainly a possibility. When we represent a client in a car accident case, our goal is ensuring the compensation received for that accident is fair based on the damages.

Being injured in an automobile accident can be one of the most stressful events in your life. And having to deal with all of the insurance red tapes, just adds more stress to an already difficult situation.

While monetary compensation will not heal an injury or bring back a loved one, it can help pay for:

– medical bills
– lost wages
– property damage
– future medical care
– pain & suffering

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Rogers is a city in Benton County, Arkansas. Located in the northwest portion of Arkansas, it is part of the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers Metropolitan area, and contains a population of 55,964 citizens. This makes it the eighth most populous city in the state. The city gets its name from Captain Brent Elliott Rogers, who was vice president and manager of the Frisco Railway.

Rogers Legal Resources:

Arkansas Bar Association– The ArkBar represents its members’ interests, provides money-saving services, promotes the profession, and alerts members to the issues created by proposed legislation that affect their law practice.

Benton County Clerk – The Benton County Clerk is responsible for licensing and certifications, including marriage, in addition to voter registration and elections. The County Clerk also serves as the court secretary for the probate and county court, as well as additional duties to the quorum court.

Benton County Courts Office – The Benton County Courts Office handles data entry of files with regards to the court, maintenance of the files for all courts, and maintenance of the dockets for the Circuit Judges.


Take a look at our top 7 safety tips so that you and your family get to your destination without incident. And if you do end up in an accident, be sure to reach out to an attorney who is an expert in car accidents and personal injury so that you and your family are treated fairly.


For many people, it’s harder to see clearly at night. Even with your high-beams on, visibility is limited to about 500 feet, and the surrounding darkness can affect your depth perception and peripheral vision. Nighttime is also when teens, tired drivers, and intoxicated people may be on the road, so pay extra attention when you drive after sundown.

Additionally, driving in inclement weather dramatically increases your chances of having a car wreck. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are nearly 1,259,000 weather-related car accidents in the United States alone. 73% of these accidents occur on wet pavement, which is reason enough to be extra mindful while driving in the rain.


One of the biggest dangers on the road is a distracted driver. If a car near you is swerving, going way under the speed limit or taking a long time to realize the light is green, avoid driving near them. The driver may be texting, impaired or even falling asleep. In 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 3,477 people in the United States were killed in distracted driving accidents. Keeping your focus on the road is a literal life-saver.


Most freeway collisions occur in the left lane, since that’s where people tend to speed. If you want to increase your changes of staying safe this summer, stick to the right lane. Not only are people more likely to drive the speed limit there, but you’re also closer to the shoulder in case you need to quickly get off the road.


Summer is also when more pedestrians are out due to the nice weather. People who are walking or riding a bike don’t always wear reflective clothing or stay in crosswalks, so be alert, especially when you drive through areas that are popular places for people to walk or ride a bike. The same goes for motorcyclists—be alert and always check your blind spots before changing lanes or turning.


Over 65,000 car accidents occur every year due to poor car maintenance. Make sure your brakes and tires are in great shape. Tune-ups, battery checks, and oil changes can keep your car running smoothly, which should reduce your odds of getting stranded on the side of the road.

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